Monday, May 24, 2010

Trash the dress!!

So -- before I started selling goodies here on Etsy, I had never heard of "Trash the Dress."

It's a photo shoot for brides AFTER their wedding -- and they basically trash their wedding dress!!! (like the name, duh! :)

Anyway, it's sort of an alternative to storing away your wedding dress in a dark closet -- never to be seen again. This way, you get some really original images that you can look at and smile!

Bride Tila sent me these images of her Trash the Dress session while wearing my cocoon comb!


Check out the full shoot at LSPhotography.


The Un-Runner said...

Love the photos! It's a great idea!

CoralBug said...

One of my friends does photography with her husband and they were one of the first companies to do it! :) It's an awesome idea [if you go with a cheaper option dress]