Friday, October 22, 2010

bangs (again)

Do you ever feel like my blog is just going in circles?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New projects!

Usually I go through all my flowers every month or so --- trying to find goodies I forgot about other to weed through the trash.

But this time, I decided to make use of all the "leftovers" that seem to accumulate in my flower bins!

Hope - floral art

I stayed up pretty late last night :)  
Heart - floral art

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog winner//COUPON//pictures :)

So, now I know why people don't usually do giveaways like this -- it's SO hard to choose!

But, there is only one comb unfortunately, so there can only be one winner. And that person is:


Congrats, Caroline :) Please send your mailing address to me at

Here's Caroline's entry that my boyfriend and I agreed was heart-felt :)

"oh no i might just have a melt down! This is really really so cute! I have been following your blog and etsy for 2 years now and iv never win your giveaway:( this is my favorite giveaway i have ever seen, on ANY blog, and its perfect for me! I love animals and too, am a vegetarian! But I love sweet things too, as you can tell by my blog i have a passion for cute cupcakes and sweet things. :) I take hikes and walks through the forest all the time and hope to see critters and baby deer like this so maybe (hopefully) my new comb would lure them for me to see them! I just love it. it really made my day to see it and i hope i get the chance to wear it :) but Ive got tough competition. :( -Caroline Owl"


But to show you all that I care and LOVED all your entries, if you entered, you get a $5.00 coupon good for my shop. I only ask that you don't use it on the $9.99 items (since I'm not WalMart :P)

Anyways, be sure to let me know that's you're using the deal in the "messages to seller" section at checkout and I'll refund $5 back to your PayPal.


And for your visual enjoyment: 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's a BLOG-EXCLUSIVE giveaway!

OH YES! It is that time again ... GIVEAWAY!!!

And this giveaway is ESPECIALLY special ... it's an item that has NEVER appeared in my shop. It's brand-spanking new and never-before seen! :)

Here's what you can win:

"Fawn in the forest - whimsical hair comb"


(And this is a bit different)

Post a comment on this blog post stating WHY I should pick you to win this item!! Points will be given for originality, humor, sob-stories and shameless sucking-up! :)

HAVE FUN! Spread the word :) 

Winner will be announced sometime this weekend.

And P.S. ..... there might have to be a second and third prize if I feel torn :) 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Attack of the stink bugs!!!

DISCLAIMER:::: Scary close-up pictures of bugs coming .... beware if you are easily creeped.

It's probably not as bad where you live ... and maybe you've never seen one of these creatures ... but we here in the D.C./Baltimore area are INFESTED with this little stink bugs! They are horrible. If you kill them, they STINK. And they seem to swarm around the windows and doors, trying to get inside your house.


Here are a couple having a jolly old time on one of our pumpkins.

EXTREME close-up.

I call this one "I hear you knocking, but you can't come in." There was actually one ON the actual handle ... maybe this same little bugger ... and I touched it!! ACHKHGHGH A!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm so forreal now

CHECK IT OUT!! It's my "official" Whichgoose logo -- designed by Sarah from OhMeOhMyDesign on Etsy. 

I think I need a coffee mug with it on it now... :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Udates, etc.

Wow. Isn't it strange when you completely lose any and all desire to do ANYTHING!?

I've been a bit of a lazy girl lately ... sleeping in, taking naps, generally sitting around and sometimes shopping.

SO. To try to end all of this sloth, I bought "Dance Dance Revolution" --- the video game for XBox. Richard was a bit impressed that I bought a video game, but now that he's seen me dancing like a fool on it, he's not so impressed :P

Anyways, so far so good. This little kid in the video is FIVE MILLION times better than me. I'm still in the training mode and sucking royally. 

But, it's a pretty good workout all in all. Lots of bouncing around .. reminds me of jumping rope.

OH!!! --- and the Renaissance Fesitval ....

No pictures to update ... I was a bit disappointed this year I am so sad to say!~

It was SUPER crowded!!!! Like, we waited in line for food and beer most of the day. And just walking around was difficult .. you kept running into people!


I think it's probably better to go on a Sunday instead of a Saturday from now on....

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Renaissance Festival (Part I)

This is the before-leaving for the Renaissance Festival excitement!!!!!!

I chose a pretty flowery crown this year -- got the business cards in my pocket again (though no one asked LAST year haha!!)

Anyways --- I will update later with photos from (hopefully) and awesome day! We are planning on having Steak on a Stake and maybe some other treats :)