Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's Spring! So that means ...

My husband brought home these flowers for me from work the other night --- what a guy, right? But as they started to wilt in the vase, I thought I should make a flower crown because, that's what I do!
It's really a simple process, and it can be done with any sort of flowers (even from the grocery store.) In fact, this is the exact process I used for my wedding last year. I stopped by the Safeway on the way to setting up the venue and picked up a nice-looking bouquet. 

Here's the shot of that one:

Here's what you need:

Here are the flowers cut down to a more manageable size:

I added a bit of ribbon to the ends of my wire with a hot glue gun. This step makes it adjustable and easier to put on ... but you can definitely make a full-sized circle.

Slightly pull the floral tape to "activate" it's stickiness. 
Begin wrapping it around the wire for a bit of base coat:

Pick up your flower stems and place them against the wire. Simply wrap the tape around each stem as you go:

Add in varying flowers and leaves ... you can play around here and get lots of different looks:

Almost there!

Done :) 

 Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!! And remember ... Fresh flower crowns are gorgeous, but will begin to look a bit droopy within hours. You can keep your finished crown in a refrigerator to keep it a bit fresher for longer.