Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shenandoah and giveaway winners!!

BLOG GIVEAWAY WINNERS! ------> 1st place (any comb under $35 from the shop): Tiger_Lili; 2nd place (the pink lace comb): MichellemyBelle; 3rd place: (the pink flower ring) Ausra

Congrats to all!!! :) I will send you e-mails right after I finish this blog to get your info and such :)

THANKS TO EVERYONE who entered!! Stay tuned --- I love me a giveaway!! :)


This weekend me and the fella took a little mini-vacation to Shenandoah National Park! This is one of the major perks of doing Etsy full-time ... I can just get up and go! (as long as we stop by the post office on the way.)

It was actually really difficult to not have Internet access for the "almost" 2 days we were there ... I felt so disconnected! And Rich's cellphone went dead after a while, so he was really cut-off. How strange that we are conditioned to rely on technology so much! I don't think it's a bad thing. Just weird... And such a contrast to be "in nature" for the weekend...

It was SO WINDY!!! But we had fun going a couple (very short) hikes ... because I am a big wimp when it comes to hiking. We mostly did some relaxing and I took pictures of flowers a lot :) GOOD TIMES!

And now ... I'm all refreshed and ready for another week of ETSY!!! YAH!!! :D

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Ali said...

I love your dress in the second photo! Where did you get that?