Tuesday, May 11, 2010


(New tags!! :) Hey B--- you should probably go and buy some just like this now...)


More thoughts on the downside (that's not really a downside) of doing Etsy full-time:


No matter how much I sell ... how much money I manage to squirrel away after the rent, electricity, cable, health care, cell phone, groceries and insurance are paid ...

I still never feel financially secure.

This is mostly due to the lack of the "steady" paycheck. No matter how much your job sucks, it does give you that sweet comfort of knowing that everything two weeks, you are going to get the SAME AMOUNT of money!

But I guess this is my challenge; this is part of letting go.

I have to force myself not to fall into a routine ... deny the urge to plan out every second of my day.

I have to take a walk in the sunlight.

I have to take deep breaths. Ignore those who lurk in darkness ... shadowing my steps, stealing my light.

I have to learn to appreciate this amazing gift I've been given.

This is my chance at happiness.


Kit Chase said...

I hear you completely! Everyday I wake up and wonder if it's going to be a "money day" or a "better start thinking about another source of income" day.
I'm so happy you keep creating such beautiful pieces. I love the whimsical imaginativeness (is that a word?) of each new piece you create!

kristin Burgess said...

i am a huge fan of your work and was the person who featured you on Elegala.com's blog Unveiled. i truly appreciate what you are saying here and think it is amazing. totally amazing. you are sort of my hero! stick with it, stay positive, this is such a gift. xo!

AlyGatr said...

I can see how it would be scary. Like you said, in a 9-5 job, you can rely on that steady paycheck every payday! My sales are like molasses, which doesn't worry me too much, but I also don't have to pay any bills off of that income, so while I'd LOVE to have steady sales, my life doesn't depend on it. You do great work, so at least you have that to rely on :)

Georgia said...

My dad is a self employed musician, so I totally understand :)

I wanted to let you know, my sister was married last week and she wore one of your crowns. She looked stunning, and as soon as I edit some photo's (I was the photographer) I will send you some of her in the crown.

~Georgia (we worked together last year for a giveaway on TwilightMOMS)

whichgoose said...

Aww thanks everyone!! It's good to get the little blog pep talks every once in a while :) :) xoxoxo

Christina Allen Page said...

Amen to that. I have return customers who are seriously my bread and butter. I'm working on expanding my clientele for a wee bit more security, but I feel you on this. It's terrifying!

Lila-Jo said...

I go through the same thing! Your shop is amazing and I often wonder how you come up w/ such awesome peices. That said you need to wholesale:) That is how I make the ends meet! I love it.
Keep up the awesome work!