Friday, May 21, 2010

Sort of big news!

Sort of big news ya'll!

I'm moving in with my boyfriend, Rich, in 2 months!!! It's not super crazy, since I've moved somewhere new each year (at this time of the year) for the last 3 or 4 years... but it's a BIG STEP nonetheless!

The biggest news of this big news is that I'll get my very own ETSY ROOM!!

WOOHOO!! Right now, I have a room upstairs that I *thought* would be my Etsy room, but it got too hot in the summer, so I just use it for packing up stuff and storing product/supplies.

This is where I do the majority of my work now:

The key point is that just beyond the couch is the TV. Bad, I know ... but I guess I'm used to having that sort of background noise when I work!

ANYWAY... the point of this post is that I have to start thinking about how to DESIGN my new studio room!!

This is a big decision.

A studio must be condusive to creativity .. and at the same time -- allow you to concentrate AND feel cozy and relaxed!

The main ingredients seem to be:




LOTS OF INSPIRATION. (plus a little bit of messiness).

I think I'm also thinking of putting in some sort of cupboard/built-in storage system.



the morose bee said...

uhhhh jealous!!!!!

ShirazandFrenchBlue said...

congrats, I can't wait to get my own etsy room!

whichgoose said...

UPDATE:: We're going to look at paint tonight!! Martha Stewart paint at Home Depot!!!
***geeky bucked tooth grin inserted here***

Anonymous said...

WOW! Not only am I jealous of your Etsy success, but your room. However, you totally deserve it! Congratulations!

AlyGatr said...

Congrats! I love that one of the high points of the move is your new workspace :) Not that I blame you...I've been begging for some space like that in our house FOREVER

Muse said...

Congrats Em!!! Sad you'll be far away again but totally happy for you for everything else!!!

whichgoose said...

Well, I'll still be going to Frederick pretty often for stuff I'm sure... I've grown a bit attached... so we can still meet up for sure!!

chanina said...

wow, what a great step forward!!! also moving in with your guy, AND your own workroom!
I came across a few "work area" books, theres this that I really enjoyed, didn't buy it of course because I have no work are at all.
"where women create" by Jo Packham
Very inspiring and beautiful!
Don't worry, your room will grow with you :)

ajplays said...

Yes! I also want to recommend Where Women Create!

Expensive, but worth it as a one-time expense when you're doing this kind of work.

ajplays said...

PS I love these for cubbies

Ali said...

I get a new Etsy room soon too! I do most of my work in my bedroom, but it wasn't working out too well. Luckily we are currently building a new house, and it will be done in about a month, and I will have my own, super cool Etsy room!!!

I actually going kept the whole room white with a lot of natural light. I got some white silk curtains to hang back as well, and I added color by buying a bunch of hatboxes with cool patterns, which are also great for storage. Then I got a bunch of vintage posters and nicknacks to kind of mess the room up a bit and add a personal touch. I am so excited! And congrats!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I am doing the same thing. I have been pouring over the ikea catalog for shelves (cheap= awesome) and looking for fun storage options and art on Etsy. Congrats!

Muse said...