Monday, July 28, 2008

my 15 minutes of fame!

Next stop: Regis and Kelly :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

don't wanna soak up the sun

So-- My whole life, I have been one to scoff at those ninnies who say the sun is bad for you. 
Until, I got my first wrinkles. PANIC MODE. And I read the best way to stop more from coming is to use this stuff.
Ergo, my face is greased up and ready to go. It's making me break out a bit, which is a cruel trick of nature, in my opinion, that I have pimples AND wrinkles. But, whatever. :P
p.s. MOVING DAY in 5 days!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

favorite creation from the weekend

is........... THE FLUTTER CROWN!

just thought I'd share ;) 

I also got a bunch of vines on a 95 degree walk through the park Sunday...totally worth it though!


I feel like I need to share some personal info here (as if I haven't spilled my guts about my failed relationship already...) But--please meet:

    my parents (aren't they cool!) My mom's an antique dealer, and we go to auctions together. My dad's retired and into jazz and cars. We like old TV shows and Hunter S. Thompson.

 their doggie, Lucy. She loves me :) She likes to snuggle and sleep under the covers.
There's also my two birdies, Caesar and Mocha. They like enjoy taking baths, eating lettuce and flying around the place.

ALSO-please meet my new favorite hat. Never for sale :)

OH! So thanks to everyone who commented on IKEA! I actually got an antique wrought iron bed (or my mom got it for me) at an auction last weekend for like 20 bucks! I need to take a picture of it. It's painted white and really ornate. It'll look so much more at home.

I still think I'm gonna get a sofa at IKEA... big and plushy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

what more could you want for $59.99?

Oh, IKEA. How I doth love thee so. Thy meatballs are sweet and sweedish, thy furniture, cheap and flimsy.

But seriously. I need to go. I've been shopping online and can get the following for under $1000.
  • bed frame
  • mattress
  • sofa
  • dresser
  • rug
  • shelf
  • various kitchen/household items
On an etsy note: I am starting to get paranoid about winter. I mean, the trees will die. I will have no vines for my crowns! I must start hoarding like a fat-cheeked squirrel until then. What do we think about Xmas crowns? I'm thinking sugar plum fairy meets ghost of christmas past...

Friday, July 11, 2008


Thanks for everyone who commented about the place! I officially am going to be living there starting August 1! Yay!
I think, other than the cat pee :p, I will be snug as a bug in a stinky rug there. hehe. Actually, it's only the hallway leading up to the apartment, so I shouldn't be able to smell it at all--hopefully.
It smells inside JUST like my grandma's house used to. I think it's the same smell all really old houses have. I like it though. It's comforting.
So--here's my new obsession (other than me custom orders!)---COMBS!! They are so fun. I actually could wear this to work without attracting too much negative attention I think :)

p.s. Birthday wishes to my sweetie-pie niece, ELLA! She turned one years old on the 10th. :) Here she is with my pretty big sis, Amanda
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

new place?

Here's the new apartment I'm looking at downtown. It's small, but charming...just like me :)
The pros:
SUPER cute and historic
10 seconds from the action
5-10 minutes from work
Has a little walk-out window balcony
The cons:
SUPER small
hallway smells like cat pee
Any input is appreciated :)

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