Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top photo tips!

Welcome to my photo studio!! 

I know I've shared this before on Facebook ... but really, good Etsy photos can
come from a very low-tech set up.

You don't NEED a fancy lighting system or backdrops
to get a pretty good end result.

This is just a basic overview of how I do it -- but there are many ways to make your own set-up... Just find the pretty light!

Hope you enjoy :) 

Here's the "product photography" set up:

1.) This white backdrop is a large sketchbook. I tape one piece to the door and lay the rest on the ground to get a nice large backdrop. 

2.) Pillow to sit on since you need to crouch down low to get fancy angles.

3.) **THIS is the most important bit *** See that line of the sun and shade? Find this in your own doorway in order to determine what time of day is best to take photos. This division for me happens around 10 a.m. You want the paper to *JUST* be in the shade. This gets you a dreamy lighting that always looks nice.

Here's the "styled photo/model photo" set up: 

4.) This is my tripod ... and I need to crank it up all the way to get the head-shots. I also use a remote shutter (wireless) that is not pictured. This allows me to be able to get shots of myself without a timer or photographer. 

5.) This is the angle -- more straight on --- like a 90 degree angle from the tripod to the door to the backdrop. And the backdrop here is a BIG piece of canvas (you can buy a roll at the craft store.) 

I had to put a couple nails in the door to hang it, but that's the only evidence left after my photo shoot is complete!!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals for 2013

(Photo by Girlhula via Flickr).


It's a bit of bad time of year for me, what with taxes and a whole year of being responsible for my income spreading out before me.

BUT, I try to remain positive and concentrate on the whole "fresh start" mentality.

Here is my shortlist of goals for Whichgoose in 2013.

1.) Blog more (obviously!)
2.) Be on top of social networking in general.
3.) Get a real photo studio set up with back drop (no more white sheet on door.)
4.) Set aside at least a few hours per week to DO NOTHING.
5.) Spend less.
6.) Save more.
7.) Be grateful everyday.
8.) Get some awesome photos.
9.) Keep innovating.

I wish I could think of one more for an even "10" but I can't!

xo -Emily