Friday, June 26, 2009

The blog post you've been waiting for!!!

After much thought and confusion, I've finally figured out how I can do a BLOG GIVEAWAY!!


Ok, so. Here's how it's going to go down:

---Leave a comment on this post before July 1.
---I will write down all the names on sheet of paper.
---I will cut up that sheet of paper.
---I will put the pieces of cut up paper in a hat.
---I will get someone else to pick a name out of that hat.

If you win, you will get THIS COMB:

ONLY ENTER ONCE, please please please :)

Good luck all :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

inspiration post

REMINDER!!! Comb sale continues through the end of the month!! Plus, if you follow my blog, you get free shipping (Check out  THIS POST for details, or MY SHOP) ---:)


Here's some things that have caught my eye recently and have gotten the wheels a'churnin'!  .... enjoy :)

Some famous designer...forget which. Could see this being done with wire hangers...
Princess Bride... sigh... this would require serious beadwork, of which I have zero patience.

Royal Ascot Ladies' Day .... kind of like the Kentucky Derby...but BETTER.

Vintage flapper-era wedding headpiece. I may actually attempt a repro of this with old lace and wire. I love how it looks like it was upcycled from a tablecloth or something. Very shabby chic :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Kill your T.V.

REMINDER!!! Comb sale continues through the end of the month!! Plus, if you follow my blog, you get free shipping (Check out the post after this one for details) ---:)


Want to buy my stuff?


The time has come (too soon again) for me to move. Actually, I've got about a month and a half...but that seems like all too short a time to find a new place, pack up my world and move it there.


I wish I had a home :(

So--My latest obsession is getting rid of "STUFF" --- you know, those drawers or random crap like paperclips and movie stubs....a half-full bottle of nail polish that is chunky ...


The more valuable items, I'm giving away or trying to sell on Etsy (check out my new vintage goodies section!)

Anyway, here's my latest "THING."

It's an old TV that I bought and decided I wanted to make a fishtank out of. (DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!) Apparently, there are still dangerous things inside an old TV that can kill you. SO--I had a professional Mr. Fix It (Skip, a photog from work) fix it up for me!

He did it for the price of a 6-pack of Becks.  Yay!

So, my good intentions for this idea have been lost, and now it's just sitting around my apartment! 

Should I sell it? Do you think someone would buy it? I think it would be pretty expensive to ship...but I don't know ....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

COMB SALE-- plus, a bonus for bloggers!


Buy one, get one (of equal or lesser value) HALF OFF! Just send me a convo with the two combs you would like and I will RESERVE them for you with the discounted pricing :)

BUT WAIT!!!! There's more! (Don't I sound like the Oxi-Clean guy?)

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Friday, June 12, 2009

My skin now matches my hat.

So, I'm back! 

Vacation was super great---and SUPER relaxing! I was really worried that I was going to be thinking about Etsy the whole time, but I really didn't mind doing nothing for a week :)

I think it was healthy :)

I'll put up some more photos in a few days (once I get the other set from the boy). But here's a cute one! Look how red we are. I'm soooo itchy now too. I think I might start peeling soon like some sort of weird reptile....

Oh! And another exciting thingy about the trip was the seashells!! I enlisted Rich as a helper and we got a TON. I will make some authentic from-the-beach ariel crowns like this one:

You can click HERE to see it in the shop :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My fun weekend!

Do you ever notice how the days before your vacation FEEL like vacation! I've already got that light feeling that comes with knowing I won't have to work for a whole week! It's like no matter what happens, all today I can just keep saying "only one more day... only one more day."

But, really, I haven't started work yet, so really, I have two days. It's a pretty short work week though! :) :)

Here's a little bit about my fun weekend:

I did Etsy and met my mom for a thrift shop run on Sunday.

Then on Monday, my guy came over for .....

..... Car wash fun! ......

... and he brought me flowers :) .......

..... we went to Surreybrooke Farms in Frederick (sp?) .....

.... isn't this place cool! My mom and Beth from work both told me about how cool it was, so we had to check it out. Rich bought a couple bushes and some groundcover there, too :)

... then got carryout from The Black Hog barbecue and ate it on the banks of Carroll Creek. 


So now, I've got to get to the serious list-making and packing before our big trip!! :)