Thursday, July 29, 2010

Read this!!!

Okay. So, this is the first blog post I've written while under the influence of alcohol. My typing skills may suffer.

Be forewarned.

I am AMAZED I was able to spell that correctly.

Anyway. The reason I just HAD to write a post right now (in this altered state) is because I just read this article:

Isn't it amazing?!?!?! I feel so validated! Those nights of staying up late worrying about how I was about to quit my job ... WORTH IT.

Maybe it's the alcohol talking (just a bit) but I feel pretty dang good right now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life's like this:

Life really is good right now. And I know saying that pretty much guarantees something bad will happen soon. But, whatever. Bring it on! I finally feel at ease with my life ... like I'm not constantly striving for a better job, a better boy, a better car, better clothes ... anything. I am content with myself and my situation .. and that is a FINE feeling :)

I'm all settled in here ... feeling super productive in my cute new studio! And Caesar (my bird) is loving his new perch by the window. He finally has started going up there by himself ... only after I put a mirror up there.

And things with Rich are great ... no annoying habits (that I didn't already know about!) hehehe just kidding bo-bo :) We are having fun making dinners and eating leftovers the next day. And we both love playing the board game, "Careers" --anyone know it? It's the bomb.

OKAY -- all for now :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Congrats to Caitlin on her amazing wedding! Check her out rocking the whichgoose crown :)

This lady had a true vision for her big day. She loved one crown in my shop, but wanted to add a bit to it for some interest in the back.

SO ... we made a couple coordinating clips that really did the trick! Clever girl :)

Snaps to the photogs!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New studio tour!

The day has finally come when my new studio is ready to be unveiled! Really, it's been done for a few days now, but we've been so busy working on other things that I haven't had time to take any pictures.

In any event, check it out! I'm pretty proud :) And special thanks to my wonderful Richard who made it all happen! (And his dad helped a bit, too) hehe.

P.S. Sorry again about the allergies on the video ... it is totally gross. And yes, it's from the dog :( SAD.

P.S.S. If you were interested, the Hello Kitty sewing machine works GREAT! So simple to use.

P.S.S.S. I saw "Inception" last night. Don't really have anything to say about it though. 3.5/5 stars :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New house, new camera, new boots!

I know you might be expecting some really cool blog entry about my new studio space and the wallpaper and all the new exciting organizational techniques, but, sadly, it's all still in construction.

My poor BF and his dad have been hard at work since (and before) I moved in a few days ago.

It's getting pretty well along though -- all that's left are the closet doors, a new hallway door and trim around the windows.

I'm finding it hard to get all my Etsy work done in this new environment though! In my old apartment, everything had a space, and I knew just where that space was. But now, you'll find my shipping scale in a carton in the corner of my studio room, my scissors somewhere in the kitchen, and a big roll of bubble wrap next to the coffee table.

I'm being patient though, and using this time as a semi-vacation time ... I'm only packing and shipping -- no creating just yet.

It will be SO SWEET when it's all ready though! I think I'll do a video-tour when I've got it all set-up.

In the meantime ...

Aren't the boots awesome! They're from Wal-Mart -- which I guess is bad, but, whatever .. I'm cheap :)

Here's some views of the backyard flowers! My BF has this awesome camera that I plan on using all the time ... thus making it mine (sort of) hehe :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010



But, on the upside: After one more sweltering sleep in my apartment, I will be moved in with my lovey for good!


A wedding with my cocoon comb was featured today on the 100 Layer Cake blog! Lovely!!! :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another outfit post ..

My life is too crazy right now to really write a cohesive blog about --- (in a word -- MOVING!)

So, I thought I would just share this SUPER CUTE dress I found at Target! I love love love it!

P.S. Should I dye my hair pink? Like all the way?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Anthropologie package at the front door!

There is just about nothing better in the world (in my opinion) than an Anthropologie package waiting for you at your front door....

So here's my new favorite outfit for the heat wave we've been having here on the East Coast.
Also! Check out the craziness that went on in my parking lot on the Fourth of July!!

(See the WG for whichgoose! Yay! Go Lauren!!!) We also watched the fireworks on my neighbor's roof -- awesome view of the park!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just Peachy!

So ... I lied a little bit. We didn't actually get to putting up the wallpaper this weekend.

Turns out there was a lot more prep work to do than we originally figured on. SUCH AS....

Tearing up all the trim and old carpet! Wah!!

I know ... it doesn't look like much now. But. We will call this the "before" picture :)

Here's the color I chose to go with the wallpaper. I was definitely leaning toward the exact beige/background match, but this color "spoke" to me at the Lowe's.

I think I bought it mostly because of it's name ... "Just Peachy," which is how I want the room to look!

Hopefully, it's different enough to contrast, but similar enough to draw the eye toward the wallpaper wall.

We shall see!!

Here's my (very) little garden I've been working on a bit. The super-hot weather is frying all the new plants I get though! Hopefully next year they will all spring back ...

Official moving day is this Friday!!!!! :D

Friday, July 2, 2010

Inspiration (part II)

Congrats to our ThePaperButterfly giveaway winner, MissAlyssa!

Thanks so much for entering everyone!! I definitely want to do more giveaways soon, so stay tuned :)


IN OTHER NEWS::::::::::

Look at this. Just look at it. I found it on and just swooned when I saw it!

It made me think about "inspiration," you know. Sometimes, just a color or a pattern or a song can trigger some creative impulse ... but other times, there is an actual physical design or piece that really speaks to you.

I know it would be totally wrong to downright copy something like this ... but it does inspire me to get MORE creative!

What can I do that will take someone's breath away like this did for me?



I will definitely have to photo-document the debauchery.