Tuesday, January 26, 2010

birdie love

So. This post is related to nothing at all. Completely random! I planned on making a post about doing my taxes ... (which is more interesting than it sounds... really!)

But I took this cute picture of my birdie love, Caesar, giving kisses (almost). I look like some kind of CRAZY bird lady with my hair in rollers and my robe on. Whatever. It's cute! Caesar used to not be too interested in me ... but now that I'm home more, he's totally warmed up! It's great. We are buddies.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is about quality of life. You rush through your days just getting in your hours, counting down to the weekend and payday ... making plan ... more plans... to-do lists...

But really, it's about the little things. Enjoying life. It's sounds so cliche ... but it's so true.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

this'll be quick and full of typos.

WAH! So busy!!

Like my mother said "You won't know how you were able to do this and have a full-time job."

SOOoo right. I swear, I haven't had a bit of downtime at all. I made this list of "fun things to do once I was unemployed." But the closest I've come to that list is dashing in the Goodwill a few days ago. (And that was sort of Etsy-related, too.)

I'm also super scatter-brained. When I am the one who is in charge of organizing, planning the work day ... things get ALL over the place. Like, I feel like I already wrote a blog about this (??)


Here's my new tattoo!!! :) :) :)

It is so super-itchy ... dry weather and all.

OKAY. Well, I am off to the post office and then getting coffee and then taking pictures and listing and then meeting Lauren for food because I am becoming a hermit.

p.s. I had planned to blog everyday when I was full-time ... but that apparently has gone out the window :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Into the woods

Besides vines and acorns and other random sticks, feathers and stones that I USUALLY collect on a regular basis, I always seem to come out of the woods with "something." I started to notice this the other day when cleaning out my car. I think it's starting to verge on a bit of a hoarding/obsession thing (??)

Anywho. THE POINT.

I've had this book about terrariums for a long time now, and always see them on Etsy in cute little vessels. SO. Today in the woods I decided to let the wood oblige me with a bit of moss. Not a true terrarium, I know. But I thought it would make a good little experiment before I go "whole hog" for a real one.

In other news, Rich came over today (Saturday) and it was SO WEIRD!!! The whole day, I kept thinking it was SUNDAY! (the day we used to see each other). Even though I no longer work, we still probably won't see each other a whole lot more .... he still works a regular job and we still live an hour away. BUT I'm going to go to his place on Friday! So that is cool. SO much easier ... so less stressful.

AH! I know I will probably keep saying this for a long time ... but ... why didn't I do this sooner!?!?!? I know some kind of stress/money issue will come up eventually ... but I'm seriously not concerned too much about it. I know I will be "OK" and happy.

Ah, happy. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

An assessment of local Internet joints

In an effort to not be distracted by the soft glow of my television, I've decided I'll do some "work" everyday at an Internet cafe-type place. So, the past two days have been a little social experiment of sorts for me!

The definite loser is the Starbucks in downtown ..... it's in an old rowhouse-type place, which is cool, but it's so long and narrow and brick that every sound seems magnified. PLUS there were these two girls sitting across from me that were SO LOUD. ugh. So, that place is out of the running.

Here I am looking mad while sipping my latte ....

Yesterday though, I went to the Borders cafe and had a pretty good experience. Lots of room, comfy chairs and windows. Only a couple weirdo types. But hey, so far, it's the winner by far.

There is another Starbucks in the area ... but it's always frequented by the teeny-bopper community ... so I think I'll still with Borders for the time-being.

OH. And the weather was SO NICE today! Like mid-50's! I felt so happy and SO lucky to be able to walk around the streets and enjoy it while others were stuck in an office.

Why didn't I do this sooner!?!?!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My working life is officially over for now. Long story short -- they basically told me I didn't need to come in anymore and they would pay me through the week. FINE-O.

So, yesterday I had my first official day of FREEDOM!!!!

I felt the need to do a little Etsy .. so I listed some newbies. But then ... I went out.

I drove around looking for something to do and saw the tattoo parlor -- so I got a tattoo! I was originally planning on setting up an appointment for this bigger piece I want to get, but I also said I wanted to get a smaller one, too. So, we went ahead and did the smaller one!

It's a little hello kitty head on my back/hip. (don't laugh!!) It's totally cute. The tattoo guy said "Kitty what?" when I asked if he was familiar with hello kitty. hehehee

Anyways, today I'm trying to get sort of organized and into the swing of things .. plus beefing up my vintage shop! Eee!

ALSO- bought a book!! I went to the bookstore with some of your all's suggestions .. but saw "The Swan Thieves" by Elizabeth Kostova when I first walked in and HAD to get it!

She also wrote "The Historian" which I looooovvveed. So, I figured this was a pretty safe bet.

Phew!!! OK. Back to business. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

So much to say!

So... these past few days have been Cuh-rayyy-zee. To the max. Forreal. I am so hyper (can you tell). I think being in this "real job" has really depressed me. Not in the sense like it made me sad .. but how drinking too much depresses your systems ... kind of slows everything down.

And now, the possibility that looms ahead of me is just so expansive and exciting ... and I have TOTAL control.

Mind you, I'm still terrified. But I have this excitement completely separate from anxiousness. It is hopeful. 

OKAY. I'm using this blog to gather my thoughts about what is going to happen.


1.) Open a vintage shop. 

I've been dabbling in vintage within the whichgoose shop, but I think it's time to give it its own little home. Plus, that way whichgoose will be a strictly hair accessory shop. And I like it that way. It's like keeping the peas and mashed potatoes separate on your plate :) 

I've already got the place all picked out and a healthy pile of "goodies to list." FUN. Here's where it will be: http://www.etsy.com/shop/venusonthehalfshell

2.) Set up and stick with daily goals.

These include getting out of the house everyday for a walk or some outdoor activity. Listing something new everyday. Trying to blog everyday and NOT eating out everyday (or at all.) This last one will be the most difficult BY FAR. How will I live without panera bread? 

3.) Set aside "me time" to do things I haven't been able to do for a while.

Rich mentioned reading. I would like to get into a habit of having an "afternoon read." That seems like a great way to re-group and de-focus myself for a little while

By the way .... GOT ANY BOOK SUGGESTIONS????

I also want to check out all the thrift shops in the area.. haven't done that in a while! Plus, things like baking are always fun :) 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Follow your heart.

Believe in yourself.

Seek and ye shall find.

Live what you love.

Dream big.

Be not afraid.

I've said and re-said every encouraging cliche in my head a bagillion times, but now, it's forreal.

I've officially quit my day job, ladies and gentlemen! (Well, I've given my 2 week notice.)

This is quite an annoucement for me ... and one that's been a long-time coming.

It's perhaps the best thing I've ever done, but also, the most terrifying.

The drive, focus and faith in myself that  it requires seems overwhelming at times. But, I have to try. And if I fail, I will just get a real job again but never feel like a failure. 

The only failures are the ones who never try.

No looking back.

No regrets.

What else??

P.S. On a personal note. THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my shop in the past or posted a comment here. YOU are the reason I am able to do this!! I can never thank you enough.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Here's a couple goodies NOT YET listed in my shop! Ooooh aren't you so excited!? I know I am :)

This first one I made from a vintage dress that was beyond repair... an "upcycling" gift from my sister! I really love the pink velvet stripe .. and I'm not sure why.

OOOhhh and this little beauty is a vintage corset!! How sweet! Love the lace up....

Monday, January 4, 2010



Congratulations to: Rockstar Mommy!!

Send me an e-mail at emilyzych@yahoo.com with your address and I'll ship it right along!!

Thanks to everyone who entered :) Don't you LOVE giveaways? Me too.

I think I've decided on "Two thousand-ten" for the time being. There's nothing stopping me from switching half way through the year ... just for kicks :)

Been on a bit of a boutonniere kick lately. Here's a preview of what's to come for the groom types out there who are lucky enough to have a stylish bride-to-be looking out for them.

I might have to convince Rich to let me take pictures of him modeling them with his new suit on! I dunno. I think he might think a couple are "too girly" ... but whatever. That is what bribery was invented for!

Friday, January 1, 2010



Oh yes.

What better way to ring in 2010 than with a GIVEAWAY!!! WOOT!! So ... do you guys plan on saying "Two-thousand-ten" or "Twenty-ten" or even "Two-O-One-O" ??

Aaanyways ... Leave a comment on this post and I will pick a winner (at random) probably on Monday. Spread the word!! (Or don't if you want a better chance of winning!! hehe)

Here's what you will win!

It's a fancy floral comb with lots of fun little goodies tucked in all over. See the vintage cat pin?? Eep! Too fun.

Good luck!!