Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Something pretty for the stressed

Isn't this nice? It's my favorite chipped (shabby chic) bowl that is full of crown supplies :)

Sometimes, like right now, I get really stressed out. I've got about 15-20 special orders I'm working on. And these aren't just assembly line products. I take care (maybe TOO much care) because most of them are for weddings.

I always think that what if this was MY wedding and some girl I never met was in charge of my hair accessorizing? I would want that girl to be on top of things! So, I try to be.

But dang, full-time job and etsy do not mix. I can't even imagine how women that have tots running around the house manage to keep a shop up and running.

So, tonight, after I get home from work (round about 11 p.m.) I will kick off my shoes, plug my iPod into my Harry Potter audiobooks, and set to work on my second job.... not that I'm complaining!! But wouldn't it be SO SWEET if I could JUST do this???

Ah...someday.... :)

*Note to self: Next year, plan for wedding season better!


Mary Rogers said...

Sending stress free vibes your way. You've totally got this.

Elly said...

Oh happy thoughts chicka! But exciting that you have so much work - I'm glad your crowns are super popular, and that you take such care in creating them! That's really brilliant :)

kMT graphic design said...

I can SOOOO sympathize! I've been so busy with my shop and "real job" lately too. Congrats on your success-I'm not surprised-your work is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had an event to wear one of your crowns to!!

Dumbo said...

I'm sure you will be able to quit your day job soon... you are SO talented and your designs stand out.