Wednesday, May 6, 2009

another inspiration post!

I went through a little spell a bit ago where I was feeling a bit of the "Etsy Burnout." It was a combination of lots of orders, plus little time, and other stresses in life. But it's OK  now. 

The main symptom of "Etsy Burnout" is a lack of inspiration. Like, feeling as if you are just cranking out stuff instead of working through a creative process. 

But, all is well again and I am once again excited to create! I could tell it was all good when I started sketching crowns during meetings at work :)

Here is some inspiration from last week!


Lots of lovely hats. Don't you wish women wore hats all the time like in the pre-1960's? It has to come HAS TO!


(These next two are from me and Amanda W.'s cheesy movie night Monday.) Dig the ribbons?


The whole movie circles around this wedding in Greece! (Not big fat Greek---blue and white island Greek) And there's a really nice veil/crown combo to see!! :)

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