Monday, May 25, 2009

The gears are turning ...

Well, I've got my pile of craft store Memorial Day coupons in hand and I'm ready to run the gamut. 

Had another long conversation yesterday evening with Rich about the logistics of doing Etsy full-time. I think the only thing holding me back now is this idea I have of what a person is "supposed" to do. 

Like, you grow up, get a job, and go to it (everday) and get your paycheck with insurance and a 401 (k). 

I feel like I'd be doing something naughty by just crafting full-time. Like the universe would come back and bite me for not doing what the normal people do. I dunno. Maybe I'm just chicken :)

But, anyway, I feel like I need to do some things before I jump in, in any event.

Like, I need to get my own website up and running. This is a major expense (a start-up expense, if you will.) And I've been pussy-footing my way around with a lovely lady who has been extremely patient, but I'm just still tossing the idea around in my head. 

Also, I need a professional photographer. I've been thinking of things I could do, like set up a deal where I ship a few pieces off to someone who shoots them with a better camera/model/setting ... but that would significantly raise my prices. Ugh. 

What's a gal to do!?

Anyway, for now at least, I will worry about my forthcoming beach vacation and concentrate on getting a pedicure and buying travel-sized bottles of mouthwash, lotion and sunscreen :)

P.S. Here's a new HP feature for all you nerdy nerds out there!!


Amber said...

Not having a 'real' job is a scary thing for sure. But in this economy it's really appealing to be your own boss because you won't fire yourself. It helps if a SO has an income. You are definitely not chicken. I think it's phenomenal how you've found a niche making your crowns. (I still need one!)
I know you'll work it out!

kMT graphic design said...

Yes, it is terrifying! I am also working towards that. I think the trick is working smart-finding a way to bring in income in ways other people aren't doing already. I think you would be super successful in the wedding and entertainment (showbiz costume design) industries. Please keep us updated as you move forward!!

Renée E. Bédard said...

I like that you are the only model. I always wait to see your photos. I think you set a real trend in photography with you shots. Other people are trying to copy what you do left-right-and-center but none have that certain something-something. Maybe a professional photographer would be good, but your shots are excellent stuff. Maybe invest in a better camera somewhere down the road. Plus, your photos express your style and a photographer might just not capture your 'sense-of-you' or the essence of your work. A website is always a great idea. Try looking at this girls set up. Her blog is called: Her name is Angela Vandenbogaard. She is young and ambitious with her work on etsy. She is college student who is doing very well out of her etsy shop selling her fine art. She carries a website, blog and works out of several online marketplaces. By diversifying where she sells and promotes she is really starting to accelerate in her business.

Good luck! I love following your blog. I hope you keep it. Renee E. Bedard - REB Art Studio; also....aka Paintedskywoman

Elly said...

Oh wow - I think it's brilliant that you even have the opportunity to be your own boss doing something you love. If you think it's going to be viable, then I think you should go for it!

And yay, someone else whose excited about the new HP!

Georgia said...

Being your own boss is a great way to go :) It is a lot of work, and the trick is to figure out how to not have it FEEL like work :)

I enjoy your photo's, but if you are looking for a more professional look in your photo's I bet there is someone locally you could strike a deal with. Maybe someone is trying to get their photography business up and running and would like to shoot some for their portfolio?

Noelle (VieModerne) said...

I'm getting ready to take that jump too! I'm at the point where I can almost make a living on etsy, but not quite. My husband and I are moving to Austin Texas at the end of the summer, and I just don't see myself looking for a part time job once I get there.

Don't change a thing about your photos! I'm convinced they're a huge part of what makes your shop successful!

My big hang up is explaining what I do for a living. My husband just tells people that I "make headbands" and that sounds so silly. I don't know how to make selling on etsy sound respectable. And do I really want to make headbands in the long run? Is it a career, or something to try for a while. What does it ultimately lead to?

SweetPea said...

I must say that I love your blog and I was wondering if I could email you to arrange for a crown for my wedding?

Kristi W. said...

Starting your own business is always scary but SO worth it! There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning and already being at work. There are so many cons but the pros far out weight them. Oh, and if you need a photographer I can help you out. I'm actually in the process of starting my own business and I own all my equipment. Think it over and let me know.

mama brey said...

don't think you need a professional photograhper! your pictures are perfect. have a great vacation - enjoy! You must craft full time soon. it is your destiny. hehe

Hanako66 said...

you should totally do it!!!!

mary jane said...
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mary jane said...

you know, its really not that expensive to start out on your business full time. you can make your own website, one that looks VERY prof. you can buy dreamweaver for dummies, or sitebuilder for dummies, they hold your hand and walk you through everything, step by step. as for the photographer / model thing, you can join model mayhem or bemodel, and bartar (freeeeee) for both beautiful models and and great photographers! (have you seen sarahseven? thats what she does and her images look STUNNING!)

or you can just sue urban outfitters and not work at all! (lol)

i think you should go for it!
good luck!

mary jane

Anonymous said...

GOOOO FOR IT!!! YOU ARE BEST!! I love your photo's! Don't change a thing about your photos!I AGREE WHITH RENEÈ E...Good luck!

idyll hands said...

People should find a job that they love - whether it is working for someone else and letting others take care of your retirements and insurance or if it is working for yourself. I'm lucky that I landed a job that I love. It's in the field I wanted to be in when I started out in college and while it's stressful at times, it's a GREAT job. I also make a lot of time for my crafting - so perhaps I'm working 2 jobs, but it's how I like it for now.

Working for yourself can be scary but I think it would be totally worth it to just jump in to!

Anonymous said...

So here is my take, (although keep in mind that I'm the crazy stranger that is catching up on your blog and has made like 5 comments in the past 30 you don't have to value my opinion...)

I think you should work the full time Etsy thing out. I think, at least while you are test running the idea, (knowing lots of photographers myself) that the images of your pieces are pretty good already. I mean, why charge higher prices and risk loosing customers for a slightly better quality photograph? It could be inevitable when you get all famous and stuff, to hire a super spiffy photographer, by why now when...really....they look great!

Just my 2 cents. Now I think I should stop stalking your blog! : ) Haha.