Friday, May 8, 2009

Crowns in real life!

Ah! I just HAD to share this gorgeous photo I got from Etsian lizzik recently!

We made a pretty basic crown for her, with some pearly sticks coming out the top. And she just poked in a couple flowers for a truly magical look! 

Aren't you just so jealous!!!! :) 

I've been asked a few times (mostly by my sister and mom) if I'll wear a crown at MY wedding. So far, I've always so "No way." Not sure why, I guess because it's too close to home or something ?? 

But after seeing this wedding, I might reconsider. It's such a pretty and idyllic  scene!


Mary Rogers said...

I'm fairly certain that if I had known of you when I got married, my wedding would have looked completely different! Gorgeous photo!

Heather said...

oh it is so lovely! hm...renewal of vows in my near future...maybe a crown will do?