Monday, January 12, 2009

new glasses!!!

Yay!! New glasses!! I have been putting this off since 2003! My old glasses had a serious layer of grunge on them.

Good news, I still only have to wear them when driving, watching movies or looking at things far away.

Bad news, I have a "spot"on my retina...ew....I have to go to a specialist in the next day or two to get it checked out. YUCK. I think I may procrastinate a BIT on that, but should do it in the next few weeks.

She said it could be nothing, or maybe some trauma from my car crash that hasn't healed, or something "else."

Rich said he still will love me even if I have an eye patch. :) Yar.

The worst part of the whole experience was that stupid air they blow into your eye. I kept blinking and she had to do it like 10 times! argh. 

Oh well. DONE. 


kasandracupcake said...

Adorable glasses!

May said...

Hi, please do go and get your eyes checked early. I don't mean to be nosy but I have had some eye problems myself 2 years ago. Don't leave it too long!

Wohn said...

Very classic and smart. And I mean smart in the 40s way of - that looks smart on you. Maybe sharp is a better word? At any rate, I love the color and the thick rims ..

paintedskywoman said...

Sending you good thoughts about your eye.