Monday, January 26, 2009

how does my garden grow?

ORCHID (left)
CACTUS (below)

The dreary winter months are now upon us, but look at what lovely little bits of color I awoke to this morning! 

I also bought a purple hyacinth from the grocery store, which will be dead in a week or two, but smells delicious ...

Oh-- and check out my mommy's blog on gardening for more spring inspiration. She does a lot of winter sowing! Read up. Learn. :)

Here are some new goodies from my shop! To be listed this week....

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Anonymous said...

hi my name is radha patel and for my gcse unit 1 i am going to make a fascinator like the ones you make - (they are amazing!) please could you give me so info on how like how you make them e.g what materials you use - thank you! and also please could you tell me were you get all your materials from (in desperate need!)my email is Thanks Tons In Advance! x x x