Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm a crazy alien!

Check out my super-dilated pupils!! 

I had my long and tedious eye exam yesterday to get the hole in my retina "looked at." eww....

It's OK basically. He says the hole may cause a tear in my retina in about 20 years. So, that is something to look forward to, eh? Ha.

Glad it's all over--on to the next crisis!!


Susan said...

Glad it's behind you...I'll miss our standing date Monday...but I'll be there (although bleary-eyed) for the next one.

paintedskywoman said...

Take care of those baby blues. They allow you to make such beautiful art. Glad to hear you are okay. Keep healthy.

mary jane said...

but in 20 years we'll all have robot eyes anyway....

no really, they already do retina transplants, so no sweat, really. you'll be fine. and you'll deal with it when you have to.

go get a new tattoo and forget about the crazy stuff!

mama brey said...

yes.. robot eyes...!!!