Friday, January 9, 2009

How did I not know about twitter?

I think I maybe am developing some sort of mania--I just get OBSESSED with things so easily now!

Today, it is TWITTER.


Upon first glance, it seems a lot like your average social networking site, however, it's WAY more fun! I love talking about myself in third person, and you pretty much do just that! You write updates about what you're doing -- whatever you are doing!

Example: (It's actually not third person...but I think I might start doing that...) " I am writing a new blog about using twitter and then writing a twitter about writing a blog about using twitter." 

Did I just blow your mind!? :D

P.S. Getting new glasses on Monday! YAY. Will post pics :)

1 comment:

mchen said...

I see your lovely mug constantly on the etsy fp — great blog, super shop, and terrific photos! I felt compelled to comment here because I've been so scared of joining twitter... but have been contemplating it since last fall. [Scared to be obsessed, that is.] Anyway, just thought you should know that there's one more stranger out there who thinks you rock.