Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So---I know you all know I'm a dork (harry potter and all that), so this shouldn't surprise most--but, I LOVE THIS BOOK! It's almost midnight right now, and I'm probably going to read for at least an hour (even though I'm incredibly tired.)

If anyone's read it, I'd love to chat!!

Apparently, this is the first book in a set of four--the 4th just coming out last week I think. SO--I have a good few weeks full of literary entertainment ahead of me :)


Alan said...

Without sounding too creepy you have great hair and eyes for modeling the head pieces. Alan

Veronica said...

Hmm....I haven't read those yet; but I do like Harry Potter and I've heard those are good, too. Should I, or should I??? Hmmm.....