Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Keep or sell?

OK--here's my new blog game where you get to help me decide if I should keep or sell some of my thrift store finds :)
Really--you win nothing, but it's FUN right!? hehe And if you really like something, you can say it's ugly so that I sell it, and then you can buy it!  haha

Okay--here's the first one:

Cotton sundress with yellowy flowers.

PROS: light and comfy
CONS: summer's almost over!


Brittany Noel said...

This one's tough! You could wear leggings under it or a sweater over it to make it fall-friendly. Which would be good for you keep for a few more months, but also a good selling point... Hmmmm. I think it depends on how much it's worth for you to keep it in your wardrobe... I guess I wasn't very helpful.

Veronica said...

Hmm....I would probably keep that. I like brittany's idea about wearing leggings and a sweater with it. That's what I do with my dresses in the fall....I hate putting away my summer clothes!

paintedskywoman said...

You look great in it. But I always ask myself would I wear it A LOT. Although I never really follow my own advice. Things always go in my closet, but they don't necessary come out all that often. If it isn't a regular, I pass it along to the thrift stores or goodwill. So if it isn't something you would wear regular, I would sell it and put the money to good use. Make another person happy and make a profit while you do it. Then everybody is REALLY happy.

thewindhover said...

Keep! Since I don't think anyone would wear it lovlier that you.

senacia said...

I love it. I would keep it if I felt WONDERFUL in it.

Do you? It looks VERY good on you.. but if you dont like wearing it, why keep it?

I like this game! :)