Sunday, August 24, 2008

quest for the perfect boots: UPDATE

Okay okay. I know I was looking for vintage boots, but, sometimes it's just better to buy new! Sure--they are not original, and sure, there will be a million other girls wearing them.....but they're clean and smell nice and are comfy! :)
So I'm going with it. The only downside--the name of them is "hobbit"---so that is so not sexy. Oh well. This is a HUGE departure for me with my fall footwear--which has always been sneakers or Birkenstock clogs. 
All well. Out with the old, in with the new.


Brittany Noel said...

Where did you find these? They're fantastic!!

paintedskywoman said...

I am in the same position. I am on the hunt for boots for fall that can be worn with dress pants for when I lecture in my university classes and then also in jeans when I want to go casual around town. Very difficult to do.

mary jane said...

ha ha... i was just in a treasury called the hobbit!
I wasn't offended though! :)

i'm all about comfy footware especially comfy boots, but I'm not in love with the hobbit boots...
have you checked out Minnetonka boots? they have SUPER comfy flat rubber soles, and fringy leather accents, some of them even have feathers hanging off!

just my 2 cents... ignore it if you are in love with the hobbit boots!

Veronica said...

Hehe....I have those. In grey. They are SOOOO comfortable, and definitely NOT like icky-hairy-hobbity-feet.

I think you'll love them!

More Beijing, More Antiques said...

The boots are so cool!!*^_^*