Friday, August 22, 2008

national no make-up day!

Does this really exist? If not-it should. So I'm unofficially starting it today.  AND--this includes no hair gel or smoothing cream.
I am allowing sunscreen and moisturizers :)
GO TO IT! Here's my proof (ugg...)

Let's see how many times someone says to me today "You look tired."

HA! :)


Too many flowers! said...

I love national no make-up day! I believe in this almost everyday.

paintedskywoman said...

I never wear makeup and I get that comment all the time. People feel that they can say that crap to women all the time. I hate that it is socially acceptable. Maybe we don't want to feel like clowns with all that crap on our faces. I can't stand makeup. Yeah I look different. I hate to say better because that is just WRONG! But this is me and if you can't take it....go talk to someone else. I applaud you.

thewindhover said...

*echoes the too previous comments* Woo for not wearing make-up! Our skin is so clever and so porous and its silly to think that all the chemicals in make-up won't get into our skin and our bodies. You've inspired me to just be natural, be free.. give our faces a break!