Saturday, August 16, 2008

In search of vine

This is my prey--the vine. I've officially used up all of my back stock--and now--being the city girl that I am--am forced to venture into the unknown country in search of this ever-illusive treasure.

I've mapped out a few locations in Frederick City---there's some parks---wooded areas I've noticed. Gah. 

On a happier note, I discovered a THRIFT SHOP! And today, they were have a "$5 bag sale!"

Oh yes. I got lots of goodies and my thirst for bargain hunting has again been sated.  


euthymic said...

may we sometime see pictures of your thrift shop stuff? i love that kind of stuff too:)

Veronica said...

Holy crap. I just realized you're talking about Frederick, MD. I live in Waynesboro, PA! Awesome! Which thrift store is having the bag sale? The only one in Frederick I've ever been to is the Goodwill on Buckeystown Pike....