Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I know you all were worried

So, I know you all were worried, and I bought some organic sunscreen! Did you know the normal stuff is filled with all sorts of bad stuff? It can actually give you cancer instead of preventing it!! (Well, maybe that's a bit extreme..but, just to be safe). 

Here's my next big project: Traditional Chinese Wedding Crown.

Woah. It is awesome-looking though, isn't it?! We are going for an ivory/metallic look with vintage charms hanging off the sides. ooooooooooo!!!

I know you will be waiting with bated breath! I'm a bit scared, but up for a new challenge :)

P.S. The new place is still OK--some other girl keeps parking in my parking space.. How rude.  And, I am hating the lack of garbage disposal. So my leftover spaghetti is now sitting in the kitchen trash can...stinking up the place. 

I just need to think of how much worse it could be...POSITIVITY. ha.


idyll hands said...

This might sound kind of gross, but I put kitchen scraps that will stick up my trash into an empty coffee container (think Folgers) until trash day, and then I dump them in the trash. The lid on the can keeps the smells at bay. I certainly don't put the coffee can out on my counter for all to see, it's tucked away, near my trash can.

Brittany Noel said...

I'm so happy you got organic sunscreen! Hopefully, it's mineral based or physical sunscreen. Alba's a good brand. I've been meaning to ask you about a headband. I think I'll message you on Etsy for that, though. Good luck on the wedding headpiece!


Veronica said...

Ooooh, the Chinese crown looks really cool....can't wait to see your new creation!

Idyll hands is right about the coffee can - I've used that trick, too. It works! Or, if you have a garden, you can use kitchen scraps to make your own compost! A coffee can works for that, too. Just put your scraps in the can and when you get a chance, mix it into the soil around your plants. Its not quite compost, but it does help the soil out!