Friday, January 3, 2014

Start-of-year panic

As the title suggests, this time of year is the worst for any anxious business owner (such as myself!)

There's all these messages of hope and looking ahead and "Wow! You have this amazing blank canvas of 2014!"

As grumpy cat would say ... "No."

For someone who lives and makes their money by a system of profit and loss, there is really no alternative than to begin the year in RED.

Like, really red.

There's estimated taxes that come due on the 15, Etsy bills, holiday bills ...

And your profit starts off (as it has to) with a big fat ZERO.

As my poor husband is aware, this panic happens for me every year.

No matter how well I did mere weeks ago in 2013, this new year is an untested, uncharted new territory.


Side notes:

1.) I considered making it my resolution to start blogging regularly again, but I'm a realist about this and will most likely keep it pretty sporadic.

2.) I finally got AMAZING pink boots that I love. There's a new post right there!

3.) HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :) 

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