Monday, January 13, 2014

DIY crackle paint!

I've heard about this technique to make a DIY crackle paint finish ... so here is the picture story of my first time testing it!

Get yourself some regular, good 'ole Elmer's Glue. Regular, cheap, easy.

Get yourself some acrylic paint! You will need a painted base coat finish to start with ... of a contrasting color. I decided on a pink background with a white overlay.

Spread a generous amount of glue on top of your base coat. Let this coat dry until it is "tacky" -- not totally dry, but not super wet either. The idea is to be able to spread your final coat on top without the glue spreading around too much.

Gently spread your top coat on top of the glue.

wait ..... oooo ... exciting!!

TA DA!!!!!


OOohh ... pretty :) 

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Deborah's Real Estate Blog said...

That's super neat! I bought a quart of the stuff pre-made at home depot in 2002 and still have a half left. Over the years I added water to thin it out, but it still works. I love that cool DIY thing With Elmer's though. I had seen a bit about it back then, but ended up with the other stuff. Gold base, mahogany finish frame, very cool mirror.