Sunday, January 5, 2014

Downton Abbey -- season 4!

This day has been long-awaited in my household ... "Downton Abbey"returns with Season 4 here in the U.S.!!!

It's one of the few times when the U.K. viewers get to watch before the U.S., but I'm OK with that since it is a U.K. show :) 


At the end of last season, Mary (left) gave birth to a baby boy, and her husband, Matthew  died in a car wreck whilst reveling in his post-birth joy.


Turns out, the actor wanted to leave the show, so naturally, they killed him off.

As all the previews suggest, this season will center on Mary working through her grief and coming to terms with her new single-mum status.


I'm most interested in the Anna/Bates story.

Bates has returned from his false imprisonment an so far, things are happy and nice with he and Anna.

I have a sneaking suspicion something will churn things up for them this season ......

If you haven't watched the series yet, I encourage you to check it out!!! Just ask anyone with a uterus ... it's "UUUHH MAAYYY ZZIIINNGGGG."

My poor husband knows not to enter the room when Downton is on. 
(He knows he will get the "SHUSH!!!")

9:00 p.m. tonight --- PBS!!!!

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