Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Have you seen the "selfie" documentary by Dove?

Makes me thankful I grew up in the age when pictures of yourself were limited to a single roll of film (half of which were blurry and useless) OR that awful school picture day.

Being able to instantly take and post pictures is definitely a lot of pressure for girls (and women!)

It made me think of something similar in an AP Psych class in high school where everyone was supposed to write "something nice" anonymously about everyone else in the room. I remember the majority of my nice things were "She's quiet," or, "She's nice."
I remember being so upset that no one said "She's pretty," or "I love her hair" --- something physical.
That sort of validation is so important to a teenager.

I suppose we're all seeking validation in our lives in one form or another.

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