Friday, January 10, 2014

Cold. Sick. Cloudy.

WOW! It has been cold ... like how cold? REALLY cold.

Also, I've been sick for the last week (sinus thing.) 

I guess I couldn't have picked a better week to get sick really, since I wouldn't want to leave the house anyway. But, not it's been just about long enough and I am so ready to go do something!!

It's hard to give yourself a "sick day" when you work from home. 

There's always little things I can do when I'm just around the house ... and even though it's SUPER cloudy outside today, I took some pictures for the shop of a new little comb.

Here's the before and after once I took it into Photoshop ...

Notice the overall blue color of the background in the original? That's the cloudy skies.

So, I've added some warming filters, some extra sharpening, and a bit of a vignette (darker edges)!

1 comment:

chanina said...

Photoshop is amazing LOL!
That comb is beautiful- with or without photoshop.
Feel better- and stay warm!