Thursday, August 5, 2010

the wall.

This is really a combination of writer's block (because I haven't been blogging) AND creative block (because I'm in a bit of a designer's rut.)

I think it's all the life changes I've been going through ... but I can't seem to find my muse/inspiration. I also think that a lot of my creativity used to come from being alone in my apartment and being kind of sad. So ... now that I've got Rich at arm's length and am totally happy, there isn't much room in my heart/brain/soul for much else!

I'm thinking of trying some new techniques ... like sketching, clipping from magazines, etc.

Any suggestions?


Caitlin said...

I have been there :(

Try something completely different like painting, photography or embroidery (which is what I have been doing). Even if you aren't good at it, it will open up a different perspective and ideas for your work will come to you from new directions.

Best of luck~ we love your work :)

Ali said...

Well I noticed before you started making some clothes. Maybe you could take a sewing and/or fashion design class and start to make some cute stuff to sell.

God's Blessings, and I love your shop!

Veronica said...

Give it some time. You're still getting used to all the changes, just enjoy it! You creativity will come back when you're ready. :)

Anonymous said...

I get writer's block from time to time for my writing (novels, poetry, etc.) and sometimes I'll just like to pick a random movie or TV series from my collection to try to spur ideas.

Have you ever watched Pushing Daisies? I think it might be up your alley, it's very whimsical and full of color, flowers, vintage,and especially pie :D

You'll get through it though!

Missy said...

there's a great book for artist's block that teaches you to nuture your inner/artist child.
one technique it focuses on is "morning pages". everyday when you wake up, write 2 full pages of unfiltered gibberish without stopping for even a moment. this is said to clear the mind to allow the creativity to flourish.
hope this helps!

here's the book on amazon: