Friday, August 13, 2010

Our fabulous winner is ...

Here is the super-scientific method I used for picking the winner:

Step One: Write all names on little scraps of paper.

Step Two: Put little scraps in box. Shuffle well.

Step Three: Pick out strip. Read winner ...

It's MISSY!!! Woohoo!! Way to go!

Thanks to everyone who entered!! And just so you don't feel sad and left out, if you entered the contest and write, "BLOG CONTEST" in the message to seller section, I will refund your shipping costs for any purchase until next week. (ENDS SUNDAY NIGHT eastern/U.S. time. at midnight.)

YAY! :)

In other news:

Check out my sock elephant. I've been playing around with ideas to supplement my shop during the winter months (when things typically slow down for me.) Gotta pay the bills!

And, just because I think it's pretty ... check out my new bulletin board!!! FUN.


Kristin @ The Treasured Petal said...

sad I didn't win, headed to your shop to pick out something for myself though! That sock elephant is too cute. Looks complicated to make!

michellemybelle said...
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michellemybelle said...

That sock monkey is adorable! I would definitely buy one if you start selling them! :D

Angie D said...

I've got mad love for your sock elephant!