Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mid-August ... blech.

First sunny day in a while here! We've had some lovely, cloudy and rainy days ... perfect for coffee-drinking and reading under the covers!

I'm reading "I Am Legend" right now .. haven't seen the movie re-make with Will Smith yet ... I hear it kind of sucks. Oh well. The book so far is pretty good... scary!

Anyways --- wanted to show off my NEW BOOTS! They are are South Moon Under ... and I luv them. Can't wait till it's actually not 90 degrees so I can wear them!

Also, we're dog-sitting Cooper again! His "mommy" is becoming a real mommy and gave birth to their daughter yesterday. How sweet! So, we are making sure to spoil him a bit before the baby takes over at his house! :)

Here he is with my latest "sockie" creation --- which was actually made with a pair of gloves!


Caroline said...

Awww, those boots are perfect :)

Ali said...

Cute boots! And I would take 90 degrees ANY day over what it's like here in Texas... It was 107 degrees at noon here today!

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