Friday, October 2, 2009



I had to come up for some air from my suffocating pile of bubble wrap and fragile stickers!!

This weekend/week has been so crazy! ( In a good way!) Lots of orders and just an overall positive vibe from everyone. Love it! :) :) :)

So. Birthday summary!

First, we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival!! FUN FUN FUN!!

I thought these little girls watching jousting had really pretty crowns!

We were shocked when they were actually hitting each other! Kind of scary...

Rich was on a mission for a chocolate-covered banana. We FINALLY found it. YESS!

Here he is trying to avoid my camera as he takes a big bite of the banana!! HA AHAHAHA!


This woman had the CUTEST BIRD EVER!? I think it was some sort of conure? Anyone know?

I got roses :) I asked Rich if he knew yellow roses meant friendship. He said no ... but thought I was probably getting sick of red ones :) :)

Here we are all dressed up for my fancy birthday dinner. We clean up nice.

Happy weekend everyone! xoxo


Hanako66 said...

I'm so glad you had fun!!! I want to have a cool that it just sits with her!

Susan said...

Cute stool!

whichgoose said...

Hehehe yes it is! Thanks mom and dad :) :)

Elly said...

"We accept The Lady Visa and The Master Card" hahaha, awesome :)