Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The great bang debate 2009

Okay. I know this shouldn't be as such of a big deal ... but hey, I'm a girl. And for girls, hair is serious business.

I said in my last post I was debating the whole bang thing. I still am! But, the fella has put in his 2 manly cents and says he prefers the "no-bang" look. Bold of him to say ... I dare say.

But, I've gotta give him credit. The man has good taste! He got me a sweater from Anthropologie for my birthday...AND he picked me to be his GF! (good good taste!) hehehe

SO---now I'm facing a dilemma. I know he'll love it no matter what ... he's a nice guy like that ... but now I'm kind of second-guessing it.

I remember days of bangs past where I wanted to grow them out and had to go through those horrendous months of pinning them to the side.... or when they made my forehead break out ... or when they get too long and I decide to trim them myself and they get all crooked (!!!!!)

SO. Hmm. I think I'll put it to a vote.

Yes or no to the bangs??

Here's a photo of me with bangs (I wish I could make this one again!!!) I know this picture is a bit more glamourous and with make-up and all that --- but try to be objective--- this is important people!!! haha :)

And here's one without ( I think this is the longest it has been in recent history--- and still from a few years ago. MAN! I have aged!!)


anne said...

gosh! it's hard when your man has a preference. not that i want to go against him, but i'm leaning toward bangs. either way though, you look beautiful. good luck deciding. it's a tough one :)

Munted kowhai said...

i'm leaning towards bangs as well since it suits you so well!

Madame Leiderhosen said...

My vote: No bangs: You look like a young Garbo without them.

With? Like a naughty twelve year old. The 2 years of grow-out is hell.

AmandaMuses said...

Totally understand the personal dilemma. You looked nice with bangs, but you like nice without as well. I like the openness the lack of bangs grants your face-- the designs of your crowns are so ethereal that bangs seem counter to that. And maybe that's a good thing.

My two cents would be to skip the bangs for now, but honestly you'll look great no matter what.

It's really down to what you want in your heart-- when you close your eyes and visualize, what do you/your hair look like?

Mon Alisa Design said...

I say go for it! It's nice to have a change...I'm having all my hair shaved off to raise money for Cancer research this Sunday :)


I like both but I think bangs wins! A fringe really suits you (plus I love hair clips so the growing out thing is just a bonus in my book!)

Lynae said...

I vote for bangs! I think you look too "normal" without them!

Emilie Lynne said...

Well, I think you look beautiful both ways! Though, since you are torn between the two, maybe go halfway and get some long side-swept bangs that you can get rid of whenever you don't feel like having bangs that day.

Honorablyfallen said...

I have waist length hair my side bangs were past my chin.. I had to do something but have always wanted no bangs then when I get there I want them back. I think you should go for it . I gave myself pretty much the same bangs you have in the photo and my husband actually noticed and its been like 3 weeks and he is still noticing! GO FOR IT! they look fabulous on you in the picture!!- Sarahlynn

mary jane said...

bangs. defintalty. you look chic and stylish with them.

just my opinion, but no bangs looks dated to me, and a bit like a college co-ed playing hacky sack in the quad.

you are gorgeous, so you'd look lovely with no hair at all (to match your bf! lol) but your face and eyes look stunning framed with bangs.

mary jane

Anonymous said...

Bangs! When I want to do something with my appearance and my husband is a downer about it I usually side with him. Then, months later I'll go for it, and it's always super amazing:) You know your style best. If you want 'em, cut 'em!

Georgia said...

Oooh, its tough. You look lovely either way, but I understand the need to change hair every so often... I say go for the bangs :) I cut my own earlier this year... of course now they are almost grown out LOL!

Do it :)

Michelle said...

Bangs it! I think you have the kind of face (very pretty) that could handle any hairdo. They bangs are more chic, and you can always wear headbands when they drive you crazy. My husband is the same way with bangs. He doesn't like them on me, says he likes to see my whole face/ forehead...my grandma says the same thing, so I do what I want to do!
You'll still be your beautiful self under those bangs so your guy will still love ya.

HelloTati said...

Bangs for sure! They look great on your face!
Tres Chic :)

Hanako66 said...

my hair grows like crazy, so I always think that it is fun to get bangs...it changes your look without much commitment! plus you look so pretty with them!

Serene said...

Your paragraph about good taste really made me laugh, it's so cute and sweet!

Actually, I love your pictures in your Etsy shop when you're modeling for your hair clips. I think you'll look great with a side sweep longish kind of fringe? Guess that'll be more versatile too but whatever you'll decide, I know you'll look great!

Chiyi said...

If you're modeling your headbands still will bangs work with them as well? o.o

I think either way looks cute, but bangs do make you look like a school girl. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing ^^;