Thursday, October 8, 2009

must. stop. blogging. about. hair.

I promise this won't turn into a blog about my hair. That would suck. But, since we're still on the topic!!

I think I've made a decision about the bangs. Rich got a couple of his guy friends to side with him, so now it's a boy-girl thing. (Since I assume the blog readers are mostly ladies?) Anywho. I think I'm going to compromise and do like a couple of you suggested: Side-swept, longer bangs. That way, I can have a bit more shape and style, but he still gets to think that he won :) hahahaa

Exhibit A:::: This was my favorite haircut EVER. Seriously wash and go... looked better if I didn't even wash it... It was a charmer.

I don't think I can ever do it again though...because after about a month ... you REALLY start to miss a good ol pony tail. And the growing-out process is yucky. Why hasn't someone invented an "instant growth" hair tonic??

Welp, this weekend is going to be pretty exciting! We are going to one of Rich's friends' weddings. yikes! We might have to dance. (scary.............) But, I'm excited to wear a dress! I think I need to buy some new shoes.

OH! I think I'm going to wear a whichgoose product out for the occasion (on loan, of course.)

I'm thinking this one will go well with my black dress!

OR..maybe the standard butterfly comb will do the trick :) :)


anne said...

the side bangs will look great! it's a good compromise.- i had that same haircut in your photo, i loved it too, but it was terrible to grow out! :)

Serene said...

You look great! It's a different edgier look but it's still feminine and soft cos you have gorgeous features! Can't wait to see your new products modeled with this new look!

P.S. (As much as you feel like you need to stop blogging about hair, I can't believe I actually remembered to make it a point to come back to see if you decided on bangs, haha, now that's truly a good blog.)

Amber said...

I think the side swept bangs will be great. I used to have a bob haircut for years and man was showering a breeze but I agree after awhile I missed pulling my hair into a pony tail and now its half way down my back!

Meredith said...

I don't think I could side one way of the other re: bangs. I'm almost through growing my own bangs out after about four years, I loved how they looked but was ready for a change. And I think that's what the bang debate is all about, a change :D
Maybe peruse hair mags and see if there are any new styles that catch your eye!
Either way, it's just hair :)
The comb arrived! It's so sweet!! I love it, thank you so much for having a giveaway, I'm still so happy I won :D

Hanako66 said...

I love that cut on will be adorable no matter what you do!