Wednesday, October 28, 2009

where the wild things were

So, we went to see "Where the Wild Things Are" this past weekend. Cuh-ray-zee.

It was BIZARRE! Obviously, it was cinematically gorgeous ... mesmerizing to watch.

But I really just didn't get it. I mean, it was nicely done. A good interpretation of the short story in the children's book. But ... I dunno.

Would kids really get that each monster was a representation of Max's struggles and personality as he works through them?

It definitely reminded me of those feelings of inadequacy and just frustration at times from the process of growing up. But maybe that's why it was so "un-graspable" to me ... I am no longer that way ... no longer a child.

I'd like to know if younger kids were more appreciative of the movie -- and what they though it was about.

And I'd definitely recommend it for a great 2 hours of visual artistry.

That's my two cents .... in case you were wondering :) hehehee


Hanako66 said...

I thought that it was beautiful as well, but I do not believe that a child would understand the meaning, but I'm sure they would enjoy the monsters:)

anne said...

my son max (10) and daughter (7) were not overly enthusiastic about it. they didn't hate it or anything son thought it was depressing. To me, this was not a kids movie. yes, visually beautiful, but left me feeling unsatisfied. i just can't put my finger on why.
some of our friends with smaller children said their kids wanted to leave.
my husband on the other hand loved all of it. to each his own i guess :)

lolascarlett said...

It isn't out in Sydney yet but I will def be there; was just listening to the soundtrack today (amazing, ps.)

Re kids understanding the movie.. I don't think they are suppose to. I think it's one of those movies directed at both children an adults and have the different messages to be perceived by both (e.g. Shrek), but in this case for us (now 'adults'.. ha yes, in quotation marks) it would represent more nostalgia of this amazing text we grew up with; and for the kids, as Hanako wrote.. they will most likely enjoy the monsters :)