Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Have yourself a good cry.

(MOVING...AH! My life in boxes.)

I'm a crier. I cry at sad movies, I cry at happy movies. I cry at romantic movies, even (sometimes) the end of intense action movies! But I especially cry from music. I'm sure driving down the road is dangerous for me most of the time because I frequently tear up!

But, with so much routine put into crying, I tend to depend on it for a stress relief when I'm stressed out. And what other time does one get stressed out more except when they are in the process of MOVING!

So, I have compiled a few videos of songs that will give me (and maybe you!) some happy tears.

It's healthy, I think :)

Here's "Baby Mine" from "Dumbo."

Here's "Bring Him Home" from "Les Miserables." (Sorry about the captions...lame.)

Here's "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" from "Meet Me in St. Louis." (p.s. I am SO excited for Christmas this year!! Don't know why. I was totally not into it last year....)

What did I miss? What makes YOU cry???


Leila Marvel said...

You and me both…I cry over the little things plus movies too. Last night crying over being stressed, ugh. But if you want a real tear jerker, watch Grand Terino, The Wrestler or Jacob's Ladder, the ends just kill me.

Mary Rogers said...

I'm so glad someone else cries over music. I'm not the only one! I've basically stopped watching movies because I hate the amount of emotion attached to them. So, I get all my tears out over music. Puff the Magic Dragon makes me cry!

Michelle said...

I cry over EVERYTHING too! The movie Away From Her makes me convulse in tears. I'm a car crier too when listening to music...the list is way too long for songs that make me cry, but one in particular is Iron and Wine's version of Love Vigilantes.

That part in Dumbo made me cry as a kid...and it still does.

Georgia said...

LOVE these, especially Bring Him Home... *sigh*

We just moved so I totally relate to what you are feeling, best of luck with your move!

Ok, things that make me cry. Beautiful heartfelt music, art, a sunset, an amazing thunderstorm. Meeting a kindred spirit, really good food... Extreme home Makeover... Greys Anatomy :)


whichgoose said...

Oh yes..... Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition is a good one! Forrest Gump, too.


OMG that's me I cry for everything!! LOL

Nina said...

'Ben' of Michael Jackson

Elizabeth said...

My Sister's Keeper just came out, and I went to it with my sisters: a crying jag just waiting to happen.

I also just moved 20 hours away from home; I cried all the time before I left from the stress, so I am so with you on that one.

Cute blog!

Tiger_Lili said...
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Tiger_Lili said...

i love music that bring emotion like that
i REALLY liked Judy Garland's song
you should listen to Congratulations by Blue October. that one brings tears to my eyes every time.