Wednesday, July 1, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS.............



I will send you and e-mail right after I finish typing this and get your shipping address! 

And a very special THANK YOU goes out to everyone who took the time to enter!! It was so exciting.... (I kept checking the posts every few hours)  It really means a lot to me to you all support what I do. It means everything really.

So, we will definitely have to do this again VERY soon.  :)



anna and the ring said...

Oh I am so jealous. Well maybe I shall just have to wait for my next pay check and go spending crazy!

Anonymous said...

well, i think i'm going to beg my husband to buy me one of your pretty crowns:) thanks again for the giveaway and congratulations to white poppy!!

Starla said...

Congratulations White Poppy!

Elly said...

Woo congratulations! :)

Lacye Sparkle said...

I love your work, absolutely love it!! Keep being awesome.
I am definitely going to be buying some head pieces.
I am a professional hoopdancer, and cannot wait to be adorned with your art!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I check your blog from time to time because your work is so inspiring to me. I'm obviously very upset that I missed your giveaway...(planning a wedding all D.I.Y. is one hell of a job!) but just want you to know that it's pretty evident that this craft you have followed through with will one day be a full time job for you!

You rock! If you ever need an extra to expand your business, I want in. I'll convince you why I'm great for job when you need the help... : )

By the way, so glad Style Me Pretty finally found you a ways back. You should also introduce yourself to Green Wedding Shoes and Vintage Glam Blag. I think they will love ya if they don't already know ya!