Monday, September 1, 2008

to bang or not to bang?

That is the question. 
I think it's high time I got my haircut. I really avoid doing this at all costs. Something about sitting in that chair with that thing around your neck and a woman with scissors... it really freaks me out. 
The last cut I got was the drastically short one (as seen in my early sold items on Etsy). It's progressively gotten longer (as hair tends to do).
I cut the back myself once to stave off the mullet look. 
But now, it's begging for some styling. 
So here is my thought: Katie Holmes! Sure, she's kind of a freak-o with Tom Cruise and all that---but my goodness! Such cute hair!
I think I'm leaning toward the bangs....what do you guys think??


mary jane said...

yes! get bangs!
your hair is short enought that if you really hate them, they will grow out pretty fast, but i think you'd look super cute with a katie homles haircut! (even if she's a bit creeeepy!)

Veronica said...

Go for it! I think bangs are adorable. Katie Holmes does have superbly-cute hair, even if she IS a freakin' weirdo. :D

paintedskywoman said...

I love katie holmes hair...short or long. Maybe I just like that she has dark hair like me. I am also thinking of doing bangs but I can't stand getting them recut over and over. Maybe I am just cheap, but I can't do it. But I love bangs. They add so much texture and interest to any hair cut.

Brittany Noel said...

Congrats on being in today's Etsy Finds!

Little Lovables said...

I am a hairstylist, one day soon, I will update my blog with my crazy portfolio. I wish I could cut your hair, I love it. Some assymetrical pixie bangs and a stacked back... awesome.

Anonymous said...

Funny I just posted a blog yesterday on my very own Katie Hair Fascination. lol

But to answer your question. Well, I had bangs, but I looked more like Suri Cruise than Katie Cruise because of my round shaped face. With yours, you can perhaps go with the bangs.