Sunday, September 21, 2008

ode to mod podge

I can't remember the first time I saw a rainbow, or what I was wearing when I got my first kiss, but I clearly remember the first time I met my true love: Mod Podge.

This disco-inspired bottle of joy is my true obsession. 

It literally can do anything. I am convinced of it. 

Not only do I use it for all of my crown-making and sealing, I also repair broken ceramics, fix the seal on my refrigerator, and even using for its intended purpose: decoupage!

There is not a pair of pants that I own, (or a blanket or rug or table for that matter) that does not have evidence of a wiped "modgey" finger on it. (I get in a messy mood when I'm creating...ask my parents about the carpet in my childhood room....) 

SO- this ode I devote to thee, my love, Mod Podge. You are at the root of my art, the obsession of my altered creations. Here's to you. 


mary jane said...

ha ha! thats cute!
I've never used it! But I have my own version (2 actually)
Duco Cement and Krazy glue...
throw in some saftey pins and I'm convinced there is NO situation that can not be solved... (MacGuyver style)

Kylie B said...

As a scrapbooker Mod Pog is also my lover! Its fantastic stuff!