Friday, September 12, 2008

New little friend

This really cute little praying mantis scared the crap out of my last night. I turn the light on in my kitchen and BAM! Big bug looking right at me.

Seriously! Have you ever looked closely at them? Their eyes are really expressive, and their heads turn to follow you. We stared at each other for a bit...then I got him into a tupperware and let him out the window.

Poor little guy. Not sure how he got in. I think I will call him Manny.


Anonymous said...

i adore praying mantis(plural?):)
i tend to pick them up and play with them no matter who i am with, and they look at me like i'm nuts!

Little Lovables said...

We had a pet one for a couple of days as a kid. My sister wore him (or her?) to the store on her shoulder and some kid came up and started hitting it. Poor manti.

rachel said...

ohh! That would scare me, too. Your staring contest sounded funny :)

ChatonDesigns said...

You're so right about their eyes and how they follow you about...I'm quite fond of praying mantis and grass hoppers :)

moxylyn said...

I love them :) I use to have a spare room devoted to mantids and I use to breed the large African ones. Love them!