Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ode to Jerry Lee

FACT: The oldest living cat is Creme Puff of Austin Texas. Born on August 3rd 1967, Creme Puff celebrated her 38th birthday in August 2005.


My cat, Jerry Lee, came to our family on my 11th birthday. We're not sure exactly when he was born, so this was always his birthday, too, by default.

So, in about 2 weeks, Jerry Lee will be celebrating his 16th birthday!

This first picture was taken the day we brought him home. It was a "take a picture for this missing sign in case he runs away" picture.

This second picture was taken last week! Jerry still hates having his picture taken :) Otherwise, he's just a bit on the skinny side and meows a lot more than he used to. He's gotten more affectionate in his old age as well.

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The Vineyard Painter said...

My cat is almost 16 yr.s old too! But He never seems to change much ..still very youthful! and he is so Zen about everything! Maybe that's the key to their longevity!