Wednesday, July 16, 2008

what more could you want for $59.99?

Oh, IKEA. How I doth love thee so. Thy meatballs are sweet and sweedish, thy furniture, cheap and flimsy.

But seriously. I need to go. I've been shopping online and can get the following for under $1000.
  • bed frame
  • mattress
  • sofa
  • dresser
  • rug
  • shelf
  • various kitchen/household items
On an etsy note: I am starting to get paranoid about winter. I mean, the trees will die. I will have no vines for my crowns! I must start hoarding like a fat-cheeked squirrel until then. What do we think about Xmas crowns? I'm thinking sugar plum fairy meets ghost of christmas past...


renée bédard said...

Oh I love IKEA. I love walking down the zig-zag isles and finding all the sales. It is one of my all time favorite stores.

Winter crowns could be very cool. Ice inspired, winter berries, rich dark greens of the evergreens. The are old stories about 'old man winter' and winter solstice. Think pagan winter ceremonies, Narnia's ice queen...Maybe research some old european stories. There might be a ton of inspiration there for you. I am excited to see what you come up with.

Connie said...

I too love Ikea, but a couple years ago we moved to Phoenix, AZ with just about nothing. We went to Ikea to purchase a bed the first day here...thinking cheap! I don't want to be a downer but it is the most uncomfortable bed ever. Wish we would have spent a bit more money on the mattress, I think it would have been totally worth it. Just a friendly piece of advice.

Plus, I found you through Renee up there! You're crowns totally rock. I adore them. Super work! Fabulous!

Peace & Love.

mary jane said...

you know, i have NEVER been to an IKEA? its a bit too modern for my taste... but you can NOT beat the prices, right? i'm a yard sale gal, myself...

we have vines near my house, they stick around in winter, but they get sort of brittle, so i would get as many as you can now!!
good luck!

your taste in vintage is exquisite and your crowns are stunning! (i'm thinking about getting your smiley trim!!)

mary jane

senacia said...

i love love love ikea.. :) Oh how my place bare sorts and many of sorts of ikea furniture and tables.. and shelves and plates.. hmm. I live at ikea! :)