Tuesday, July 8, 2008

new place?

Here's the new apartment I'm looking at downtown. It's small, but charming...just like me :)
The pros:
SUPER cute and historic
10 seconds from the action
5-10 minutes from work
Has a little walk-out window balcony
The cons:
SUPER small
hallway smells like cat pee
Any input is appreciated :)


Amber said...

Oh I love the chandelier! And I think when you're very close to the goings-on epicenter, you'll pay more for less. It definitely looks charming, but make sure you have enough space or you'll drive yourself crazy.

renée bédard said...

If the pee is seeped into hardwood then it needs to be refinished or the smell will probably stay. If it is carpeted then a good steam clean would probably take it out. I am moving too this month and it was a lot of pressure finding a place. Don't stretch yourself to financially thin or the stress of that could make you miserable, but if it is manageable, then go for it. Freedom of a new place is its own reward.

I was so sad that my place if probably to small for a studio for me. So I will be back to having my art supplies in containers, which I hate, but that is the compromise for a cute place to live. Life is about the compromises you can live with. Often we don't need as much as we think. As long as you are happy in your new home the rest of the junk with sort itself out.

myaphrodite said...

Wow. Other than the cat pee, it looks like an awesome craft nook! (although I'm an expat, i grew up about 40 minutes from DC and love it there)

Absolutely besotted with your work!

Anonymous said...

yep, have to get the floors refinished to get rid of the cat pee. dealt with this last year. don't let someone tell you that an enzyme cleaner will cut it or that painting will cover the odor. we had the floors buffed first then sealed and thought that would do it. nope. it just creates an extra step and waste of time. good luck!

Anonymous said...

spray bleach on the hardwood.