Sunday, July 27, 2008

don't wanna soak up the sun

So-- My whole life, I have been one to scoff at those ninnies who say the sun is bad for you. 
Until, I got my first wrinkles. PANIC MODE. And I read the best way to stop more from coming is to use this stuff.
Ergo, my face is greased up and ready to go. It's making me break out a bit, which is a cruel trick of nature, in my opinion, that I have pimples AND wrinkles. But, whatever. :P
p.s. MOVING DAY in 5 days!


Brittany Noel said...

Hi! My name's Brittany. I just followed the Etsy Finds to your shop and am in love! Anyway, wearing sunscreen is really important, but b/c I really like your work, I want to tell you: coppertone is really bad for you. Most "conventional" sunscreens have stuff in them that may be carcinogenic. So, when you put it on to prevent cancer, you might be provoking it anyway... Here's a really good site that lists the least harmful ones. Hopefully, I'm not being too forward?


renée bédard said...

Oh I soooo know what you mean, but regular stuff makes me break out and itch like I picked up poison ivy.