Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I feel like I need to share some personal info here (as if I haven't spilled my guts about my failed relationship already...) But--please meet:

    my parents (aren't they cool!) My mom's an antique dealer, and we go to auctions together. My dad's retired and into jazz and cars. We like old TV shows and Hunter S. Thompson.

 their doggie, Lucy. She loves me :) She likes to snuggle and sleep under the covers.
There's also my two birdies, Caesar and Mocha. They like enjoy taking baths, eating lettuce and flying around the place.

ALSO-please meet my new favorite hat. Never for sale :)

OH! So thanks to everyone who commented on IKEA! I actually got an antique wrought iron bed (or my mom got it for me) at an auction last weekend for like 20 bucks! I need to take a picture of it. It's painted white and really ornate. It'll look so much more at home.

I still think I'm gonna get a sofa at IKEA... big and plushy.

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senacia said...

I love the hat! although, I still am LOVING this clasp wallet you have sent me. :) How is your wallet holding up? :) (no, you cant have it back.. it's MINE! :P)