Thursday, October 7, 2010

Udates, etc.

Wow. Isn't it strange when you completely lose any and all desire to do ANYTHING!?

I've been a bit of a lazy girl lately ... sleeping in, taking naps, generally sitting around and sometimes shopping.

SO. To try to end all of this sloth, I bought "Dance Dance Revolution" --- the video game for XBox. Richard was a bit impressed that I bought a video game, but now that he's seen me dancing like a fool on it, he's not so impressed :P

Anyways, so far so good. This little kid in the video is FIVE MILLION times better than me. I'm still in the training mode and sucking royally. 

But, it's a pretty good workout all in all. Lots of bouncing around .. reminds me of jumping rope.

OH!!! --- and the Renaissance Fesitval ....

No pictures to update ... I was a bit disappointed this year I am so sad to say!~

It was SUPER crowded!!!! Like, we waited in line for food and beer most of the day. And just walking around was difficult .. you kept running into people!


I think it's probably better to go on a Sunday instead of a Saturday from now on....

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