Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog winner//COUPON//pictures :)

So, now I know why people don't usually do giveaways like this -- it's SO hard to choose!

But, there is only one comb unfortunately, so there can only be one winner. And that person is:


Congrats, Caroline :) Please send your mailing address to me at

Here's Caroline's entry that my boyfriend and I agreed was heart-felt :)

"oh no i might just have a melt down! This is really really so cute! I have been following your blog and etsy for 2 years now and iv never win your giveaway:( this is my favorite giveaway i have ever seen, on ANY blog, and its perfect for me! I love animals and too, am a vegetarian! But I love sweet things too, as you can tell by my blog i have a passion for cute cupcakes and sweet things. :) I take hikes and walks through the forest all the time and hope to see critters and baby deer like this so maybe (hopefully) my new comb would lure them for me to see them! I just love it. it really made my day to see it and i hope i get the chance to wear it :) but Ive got tough competition. :( -Caroline Owl"


But to show you all that I care and LOVED all your entries, if you entered, you get a $5.00 coupon good for my shop. I only ask that you don't use it on the $9.99 items (since I'm not WalMart :P)

Anyways, be sure to let me know that's you're using the deal in the "messages to seller" section at checkout and I'll refund $5 back to your PayPal.


And for your visual enjoyment: 


chanina said...

Butter pecan syrup?! C'mon, I want that stuff!!!


I thought your choice was well thought out and fair. Way to go Em!

Ella is calling you Emily now BTW :)

whichgoose said...

WHAT! What about Auntie Em!?!?


I think she is just proud that she can say the word Emily! :)