Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's a BLOG-EXCLUSIVE giveaway!

OH YES! It is that time again ... GIVEAWAY!!!

And this giveaway is ESPECIALLY special ... it's an item that has NEVER appeared in my shop. It's brand-spanking new and never-before seen! :)

Here's what you can win:

"Fawn in the forest - whimsical hair comb"


(And this is a bit different)

Post a comment on this blog post stating WHY I should pick you to win this item!! Points will be given for originality, humor, sob-stories and shameless sucking-up! :)

HAVE FUN! Spread the word :) 

Winner will be announced sometime this weekend.

And P.S. ..... there might have to be a second and third prize if I feel torn :) 


mrosi582 said...

I am the FIRST COMMENT!!!! That should be reason enough to pick me and not caller number nine. Shameless sucking up is a specialty of mine. I love your hair accessories! Fawn is genius, flowers are to beautiful for words, and I won't even start on the moss = amazing.
I will spread the word.... but only because I believe in your artwork. :)

Kaitlyn Grace said...

Dearest Emily [WhichGoose],

I believe you should pick me to win this beautiful creation because I am a huge (and frederick-local) fan of yours! I always show my friends your pieces but unfortunately I am a poor college student and must continuously convince myself that my money can not be spent on magical hair pieces and instead must go toward food, books, and other various things that will not make me look any prettier :(

plus i am vegetarian and love animals so i'd REALLY love one to rest upon my golden locks!

Kaitlyn Grace

Anonymous said...

I believe you would pick me because I adore your line and I am anticipating to see the Spring 2011 collection. I'm actually counting down because I know it's going to be wonderfully amazing and great! Also, I'm from Maryland like you and I love to spread the word about Whichgoose whether it's tweeting, talking, or e-mailing :) Besides that, Christmas is my fave holiday and this piece gets me in the spirit.

Jewels and Sheendrops said...

You should pick me because I look like a nordic fairy (maybe because I'm German, Finnish and Russian) and this is the incarnation of what I imagine a forest to be. Fairy + forest = pure divinity!


Willow said...

Pick Me!
Pick Me!
Pick Me!

You are the Supreme OverLord (Lady?) of Whimsy & Such. Whosoever is graced with your fantastical token shall forever hold their head high as they frolic through the forest.

I sure hope this sucking-up thing works.

*bows and backs out of your presence*

Kyle and Sharayah said...

ME, ME , ME!!! (begging on my knees)I've been following you and your work for over a year now and can't get enough of the unique and whimsical creations. I'm a mom of three and have been DYING to purchase a crown or comb, but just can't pull it off in this season of my life with my husband in school to become an English teacher and me as a stay at home mom. I love style and I ADORE your accessories. I want to be a stylish mom and I can ONLY be that way if I own one of your masterpieces. WhichGoose is by far the best shop on Etsy and I've been telling everyone I know this. I've even been spreading the word about your shop more than my own Etsy shop, because you are just that good! You are my inspiration and I don't even know you!
Fact: I NEED a fawn in my hair, and ASAP! Plus, I'm from MD and so you know, that should give me a point or two.

emily said...

I should win because I NEED that comb. In my circle of friends, I am queen of accessories - helping friends pick out pieces for weddings or dates, introduced to friends of friends as the girl that has the most amazing accessories, and more! So please let me add that fab bambi comb to my collection. Oh, and it's perfect because I'm kind of weird obsessed with an critters when it comes to apparel and baubles :)
ebrock2007 at gmail dot com

samantha said...

I need this comb because it's destined to bring me good feelings. So often when walking in the woods, I think it myself, "The combination of moss and pine reminds me of a beautiful relationship I once had, but I simply cannot remember who it was!" or "I hope I see a deer today. I bet it'll let me pet it."

You see, it is quite possible I was a deer, a pinecone, or a patch of moss in one of my past lives. Either that or at some point in my file cabinet of repressed childhood memories, I had something very good and heartfelt happen to me while riding in a car with a pine tree air freshener. Or maybe I've been reading too much teen fantasy fiction lately.

Either way, this comb will not only bring me what are sure to be many many compliments from strangers and referrals to your site, but much joy.

Em said...

Hi Lady;
I do not need to win. I think a lot of the ladies here would rock this much better than I. I just thought you should know that I love your work, and that this piece is absolutely adorable.
Be well!

Alina V said...

It's absolutely ADORABLE! This is by far my FAVOURITE item created by you!!
The name of my beautiful car is 'Bambi', this would be the PERFECT ensemble while I'm driving around with the top down...music blaring...off to the beach, for some great food and company!

Pick me! Choose me! I'd wear it like a proud Mama. :)

Kristin @ The Treasured Petal said...

Hi Emily! I'm a longtime follower of your blog and stalker of your etsy shop. I currently have a little girl growing in my belly. She's going to be a Winter baby, and I would LOVE to wear this precious wintry comb in my hair for my maternity pictures coming up in a few months. Then, I'd love to frame the piece in a shadow box and put it in her "woodland" themed nursery. It couldn't be more perfect! Hopefully this little comb will become a prized family heirloom :)

Grace said...

I wanted to write you a poem about this beautiful comb…but then I decided, I’m not much of a poet haha, so, here goes…

You’re stuff is ahhhmazing! You have such a gift for creating beautiful accessories that are so dainty, sweet and unique but packed with so much drama & personality. I plan to get one for my wedding someday, [but I’m a college student right now & prince charming has not come along…just yet ;D !]

I’ve been waiting for something like this!! I have a passion for making a difference in this world. Currently, a few friends and I are organizing a concert (for spring 2011) at our school to benefit International Justice Mission, an organization that fights against human slavery and sex trafficking all over the world. We plan to raise $10,000 for IJM & we're inviting various bands/musical artist to come play for us!

We would LOVE to have this comb for a raffle/prize that would go towards IJM. Not only is it just flippin cute! It also shows people that they can make a huge difference just doing what they love, using their own talents & artsy abilities.
PluS, we could share the WhichGoose love around which I know would be a hit!

Either way, you’re store and style inspires me & I’m just happy dreaming about which piece I’ll wear to my wedding someday…haha, thanks !!

Tristan Adams said...

you should pick me because im vegan. nuf said.

Lindsay C said...

When I was little my dad always fed the deer in the woods behind our house. No matter what we were doing, if supper was getting cold, he would snowmobile out to the same spot in the woods and hand cut apples for them. He was so dedicated. Then one day he was out snowmobiling and he saw some guys chasing deer with their snowmobiles, which is very illegal. He went towards them and ended up getting in an accident. The men were very angry, but my dad stood up for himself and ended up taking them to court over it. It ended up being the first time someone in New Brunswick, Canada was charged for abusing deer. This hair clip just reminded me of my dads dedication to the animal.

Susan said...

I wouldn't want your job of choosing the best of all these entries!

Angie D said...

I think you should pick me because I am sick right now and would feel much better if I had a cute little fawn to rest behind my ear!

Plus, I'm awesome...and SO ARE YOU!

So darn talented!

Allymarieus said...

I am studying abroad in the spring in Florence and would love to look fashionable--plus, it will make your brand even more international!

Jessica said...

Oh man, this is so amazing. You should totally pick me because every hair piece in my wedding next fall is going to be Whichgoose (ordering as I have the money!); I already have 2! My mom is planning to buy one of your pieces for her "mother of the bride" outfit, as well. My wedding is in the woods and woodland themed for obvious reasons, so this is so incredibly perfect.
Also, I just love deer; I grew up in the country, so they were a common occurrence and I have always had a huge soft spot in my heart for them.

<3 Jessica

Lila-Jo said...

Dear Miss Emily Whichgoose,
I kneel before the all mighty creator of everything amazing for the hair. Your skillz have me wonder how one can be so creative? My hair would smile, the curls would shine, and my head would sing w/ the cute deer comb. Seriously, I love your shop and I think my boyfriend is seriously sick of my talking and showing him your creations! Checking your blog everyday, I almost pout when there is not a new one up :) You amazing and I feel like you inspire so many people to dream and want to buy handmade! I LOVE WHICHGOOSE!!!!! My hair would love to promote your shop :)

Sonia said...

I believe you should pick me because whenever I check your Etsy it makes my day and your creations inspire me like nothing else. :)

Carolinee said...

Ohh my goshhh!
I should win because 1- OH NO! Fawns are my favorite animal! It has been ever since my mom used to read me a story every single night when I was little. It was about a Fawn named Bella.:) This honestly is one of the cutest things i have ever seen 2- i have freckles like a baby fawn has on their back! :) 3- you are one of the most talented etsy sellers i have ever seen! Ive always wanted one of your beautiful combs but never have the money :( This is my favorite because ive never seen a fawn in your shop and i would be the saddest pickle if i didnt win :( pretty pleassseee? :)
xoxo Caroline

Anonymous said...

Holy Cuteness! I was shocked when i saw this! It is the cutest thing i have ever seen! I actually just got my hair colored red and i think that would look amazing. I love nature,animals and trees. I am an aspiring photographer and this would make a lovely piece not only to wear but to photograph! i love your shop so much! I vowed when i first saw it that i would wear one to my wedding. You are my favorite etsy shop and i check everyday only to be sad because i cant get them. you are so so so talented! Pretty pleaaseee pick me :) i currently dont have any money to spend on beautiful combs and crowns that should be considered art.:( im sad that their are 21 contenders though. :( i can only dream ill get this lovely beautiful magical cute awesome whimsical piece in the mail for me. -Paige

CarolineOwl said...

oh no i might just have a melt down! This is really really so cute! I have been following your blog and etsy for 2 years now and iv never win your giveaway:( this is my favorite giveaway i have ever seen, on ANY blog, and its perfect for me! I love animals and too, am a vegetarian! But I love sweet things too, as you can tell by my blog i have a passion for cute cupcakes and sweet things. :) I take hikes and walks through the forest all the time and hope to see critters and baby deer like this so maybe (hopefully) my new comb would lure them for me to see them! I just love it. it really made my day to see it and i hope i get the chance to wear it :) but Ive got tough competition. :( -Caroline Owl

Tammy said...

I think you should pick me because I think it is lovely and my hair is looking a bit faded of color and needs cut and colored but I don't have any money to get it fixed up and this would make my hair look lovely.


I just got divorced today!!! Pick me!! Oh and I'm your SISTER!!! hahahahahahahha

no really dont pick me - conflict of interests!

love you!

ps i must say your giveaway comb is genius! I think whichgoose should start a more eclectic crazy line involving top hats!

Serene said...

Pick me! Because I'm such a deer (read - dear)! Okay, that was corny and cheesy but it's original! Plus, I've always loved your works!! :) And winning this would be amazing! It just looks crazily cute!

chanina said...

Wow, that is gorgeous!!!
Why should you pick me? Because that's so darn adorable, and even if I don't get picked, I'll want you to make a custom one like that! exactly please :)

Nala & Tanner said...

I love it! It reminds me of my husband's home (Maine) but besides that, I have no good reason for you to pick me.

There is a family of deer that live on my in-laws property. One mama and 3 babies. This would just complete that trip from Maine considering, on our last morning that is exactly what we saw, a little baby eating apples on the side of the house!

I love your stuff though, and I will have a 2nd wedding (to renew vows) to wear something of yours...

<3 Christina <3

whichgoose said...

OKAY! Voting is closed!!!

I will now print out all these comments and pore over them (along with help from the boy) and announce our winner(s?) tomorrow :)

THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE! This was fun, eh? :)

Simona said...

In late to partecipate! It's the first time I read your blog (I'm an Etsian seller too) and your "Fawn in the forest" is simply super! Simona :)